iotGizmo smart thermostat is easy to install. Watch the installation video or read the installation guide and follow the steps described. A quick installation guide also ships with the device.
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No, you can purchase iotGizmo products using a guest account. However registering for an account can be done easily during the checkout process. This is optional and would save you time for future purchases of iotGizmo products.
Yes, the thermostat will continue to work and will follow the currently assigned schedule. You can override schedule-based temperature settings by pressing the arrows on the main thermostat display and most features will work except for those solely available in the mobile app such as settings controling how long temperature overrides will last or geofencing for away mode. These features will resume once your device is reconnected.
iotGizmo smart thermostats are compatible with most HVAC systems as long as they use standard 24 VAC power. If you remove the front plate from your existing thermostat and see thick black wires and wire nuts, then you have a 120/240V system which is not compatible - electric baseboard heat for example.

There are also some older style thermostats that use a simple slider or dial to set temperature. Some of these are millivolt systems which are not compatible. If your system has only two wires when you take off the thermostat face plate, then it will not be compatible - at least 3 wires are needed per the FAQs below.
In the event the blue wire is not already connected, it is likely found wrapped around the 18/5 cabling behind the thermostat. Simply unwrap the blue wire and expose enough copper to insert it into the iotGizmo connector labeled “C”. Remember to check the C wire is connected to the HVAC itself. If not, you may need a brief visit from your local HVAC technician or a little internet research for a quick DIY project or you can call iotGizmo for toll free installation support. This is also covered in step 5 of the easy installation video.
If your wiring is not 18/5 and there is no blue wire, then you would either need to reuse the existing fan (likely green) wire or run an extra wire between your HVAC and the thermostat to serve as the C wire.

To reuse the fan G wire, you simply move it to the C terminal instead of the G terminal on the thermostat and also move it to the C terminal on the HVAC control panel. You can recognize the C terminal on the control panel by viewing step 5 of the easy installation video. iotGizmo can also assist you on the toll free support line. The implication of this approach is that you cannot control the fan separately at the thermostat and it will go on/off along with the cooling as well as the heating if using forced air. This is probably a good trade off to enable use of smart energy as very few people ever try to run their fan independently of heating and cooling. Certainly easier than running an extra C wire per the approach below.

To add an extra wire to serve as the C wire, it would need to be connected to both the thermostat and the HVAC control panel so that continuous 24V AC power is flowing. The degree to which you have access to run a wire from each end, such as the area behind the wall that the thermostat is mounted on, will determine the level of difficulty whether as a DIY or a service call from a professional HVAC technician.

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