Installing the iotGizmo smart thermostat

Power off your furnace or heating system. This ensures a safe installation.

Either at the breaker panel or on the shutoff switch.

Set a temperature on the existing thermostat that should trigger heating or cooling. Wait 5 minutes and verify the system did not come on before proceeding.

Step 1 - Power Off

Keep Your Tools Ready.

All you need are a Phillips-head screw driver and a wire stripping pliers.

Step 2 - Keep your tools ready

Remove your old thermostat faceplate. If you see thick black wires and wire nuts, your system is not compatible and do not proceed. If you see thin colored wires, then take a photo of the backplate to show the colored wires and the labels of the thermostat terminals each is connected to.

Make sure to pull the wires out of the barrels and from the wall before unscrewing the backplate. You may need to wrap the wiring around a pencil or other large enough object to keep the wires from falling back behind the wall.

Step 3 - Remove Old Thermostat

Unbox your new iotGizmo Thermostat

Detach the backplate from the thermostat

Locate the terminals on the backplate labeled

G Green - for fan

W White - for heating

Y Yellow - for cooling

R Red - for 24VAC power

B Blue - also for power (common wire)

Step 4 - Screw in your iotGizmo back plate

Feed the colored wires through the back off the backplate and connect the wires to barrels according to the colors.

You will hear a click sound when inserting into the connector barrels.

Attach the backplate to the wall using the included wall screws and anchors power your furnace or heating system back on.

Step 5 - Connect the wires accordingly

Insert in the display.

Place the display on to the guides and gently pop it in.

You are all set to connect this device to your smart phone app.

Step 6 - Insert in the display

Connecting to the iotGizmo mobile app

  Download the free iotGizmo App.